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Actually Despising a Game Villian

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KelvinZero said...
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After completing the third Mechat challenge I saw the subsequent storyline advancement for the game before you get to the Robo Cube. I have played video games for decades and I think Nene is the first character I'm looking forward to pounding into dust.

Most villians are just abstract goals to prepare for or they only present themselves in the end. Other games tell you "Oh yes the Big Bad Villan is really evil because of bad stuff he did before you got here, so run off and take him out for us, please?"

Nene is the first villian I have seen firsthand how nasty he can be and have absolutely no remorse or justification for what he is doing. In the storyline segment I saw yesterday he basically Teabagged an entire planet's population and boasted how no one could do anything about it. Storyline-wise he likely doesn't know the heroes are coming after him.

So what about you, any video game villians you thought really got under your skin storyline-wise. I don't mean causing ire because of cheating AI, I mean they rubbed you the wrong way and you subsequently looked forward to beating them.
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